How to Improve The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

The air quality in your home isn’t actually static; there’s actually a couple of things you can do to change and even improve it. Some require you to do some fiddling with your attic, while some can be as simple as cleaning your living spaces. Handyman Connection of Chicago Central discusses more.

The Indoor Air Quality

Keep Your Living Spaces Dust-Free

It’s a mistake to think that it’s only outside that’s full of pollution. Your indoor spaces can get polluted as well, and it takes the form of dust. These things harbor chemicals and allergens that will lower your comfort levels and even affect your health, so make sure to always keep your living spaces dust-free. To this end, we suggest sweeping and vacuuming the floors once every week.

Bring some Plants In

Buying a potted plant for your interiors is a great, long-term investment to improving air quality. Plants consume carbon dioxide and in return, pump out fresh oxygen. We suggest placing potted plants in areas that are stuffy – areas like your study area, bedroom, or even in your bathroom.

Clean Your AC

You’re going to be using the AC a lot this summer, and while frequent use is normal, a lot of dust is going to pass into its system. Make sure you clean the filters at least once every week. The accumulated dust causes the air the AC is pumping out to become stuffy, and it also forces the AC to consume more electricity.

Attic and Ventilation

If you want to make a real difference in improving your indoor air quality, start with the source – the attic space. The ventilation in your attic plays a big role in regulating the temperature, comfort levels, and air quality of your home. It’s also responsible for keeping your roof healthy.

Your home may already have an existing vent system courtesy of your AC, heater, or HVAC system, but if you find that this isn’t enough, it’s best to consult a professional team. Our team can help you improve your home’s indoor air quality through your attic’s ventilation.

Handyman Connection of Chicago Central is ready to help you improve your home’s indoor air quality. Fill out our form or give us a call at (312) 265-3886 for more information on our services.


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