How to Stain Your Deck Like the Pros

Your deck area isn’t just an extension of your living space; it also adds a significant amount of value to your home. In time, the rich stain on the deck is going to fade, making it look unappealing and drab. Read on as Handyman Connection of Chicago Central discusses how to stain your deck and achieve professional-looking results.


Pre-Stain Preparation

Before you start staining your deck area, it’s important that you clean it and make sure the surface is free from dirt and debris. The last thing you want is aberrations sticking out from the deck area due to debris on the surface. We suggest using a wood cleaner, rinse it with warm water, and then let it dry for two to three days before staining the deck.

Pick the Right Stain and Equipment

Don’t skimp out on the deck stain just because of the price. It’s always better to choose high quality wood stain for your staining project. Wood-toned and clear stains are arguably the best since they’re “flexible” and very easy to apply on almost any kind of deck surface. As for equipment, our team recommends natural bristle brushes since they work well with wood fibers and cells.

Staining the Deck

Apply a heavy coat to the open end-grain area of the boards. Make sure to brush only 2-3 boards at a time with long, smooth strokes so that you get an even coating on your deck. To avoid lap marks, make sure the lead edge remains while keeping the wet stain brushed on wet stains only. For new decks, we highly recommend applying only one coat of oil-based deck finish since the deck boards still have their innate finish.

It’s also important to remember that more stain is not always better. Over-applying stain may cause peels and cracks to form when exposed to moisture. Additionally, over-applying the stain may cause the surface to grow sticky and prevent it from drying out properly.

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