Signs That a Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

Hardwood flooring may be a durable and long-lasting material, but it’s eventually going to wear down due to a combination of elemental damage and the sheer force your family exerts on it everyday. Thankfully, even scratches and dents can be restored by refinishing the wood floor. So how do you tell if the floor needs refinishing? Read on as Handyman Connection of Chicago Central discusses the signs.

hardwood floor

High Traffic Floor Areas

The durability of hardwood floors means that spotting the signs isn’t that easy. If there are no obvious signs, we recommend you refinish the high traffic floor areas in your home. This includes the hallways and the floor area for your living roof. These are the areas where you should prioritize refinishing the hardwood floors.


Discolorations on the floor boards are a tell-tale sign that it will need refinishing soon. Check for dull or faded floorboards; you’ll often find these in areas where there’s high moisture such as the path leading to the bathroom or in kitchen areas. Have these refinished as soon as possible before the moisture damage affects the actual wooden structure.

Should You Refinish Bent or Warped Floorboards?

If the floorboards are showing signs of curling or bending in some places, then we recommend having us repair it first before you do any refinishing. Failing to do so means the damage will persist beneath the refinishing and that’s risky since you’re not really addressing the problem. So if you see that one of the floorboards has extensive damage, have us repair it first.

Finally, we recommend having usr professional do the actual refinishing for you. Refinishing your floors is complex work, and improperly sanding it may cause irreversible damage to your floorboards. If you need help doing refinishing, then fill out our contact form or give us a call at (312) 265-3886 for a free estimate on our services.


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