Home Remodeling Projects with High Return on Investment

Any house remodeling project will require a generous investment; even something as simple as fixing up the walls can cost a lot. Some house improvement projects, however, can give you high returns on investment. Surprisingly, these high ROI projects are usually the integral parts of your home. Handyman Connection of Chicago Central discusses what these are.

Home Remodeling

Replacement Siding

Your home’s exterior siding doesn’t just protect your home from the elements; it also boosts its frontage and curb appeal. If you have an old wood shake or cedar siding that you’ve been meaning to look into, consider replacing it with fiber-cement or vinyl siding. A siding replacement project actually boasts a high long-term value at 83.9% ROI. What you’re investing on, after all, is both curb appeal and protection.

Deck Installation

Installing a deck on your backyard is often considered an optional home improvement project, but it actually boasts an 80.6% long-term return on investment. The reason is that you’re effectively extending your floor space by connecting your interior living space with the outside. It adds value to your home and the extra space is a welcome addition to anyone who wants to stretch their legs outside.

Door and Window Replacement

Replacing your old doors and windows are necessary projects that you’ll eventually have to do; luckily, they do offer very high returns on investment. To make the most out of it, make sure you pick doors or windows with a good ENERGY STAR® rating. These are engineered to be airtight and well-insulated, and these will actually help you lessen your energy costs in the long run.

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