Beware of These Top 3 Safety Hazards at Home

Creating a safe and secure home environment for the family is every homeowner’s priority. While there are several safety hazards lurking around the house, most of them you can reduce or eliminate easily. Handyman Connection® of Chattanooga can help ensure the safety of your family by addressing these risks:


Fall-related injuries are some of the top household hazards. Hazards are posed by common scenarios like wet floors, scattered toys and slippery stairs. You can minimize the risk of fall accidents by making sure your staircases have stable handrails and non-slip flooring. Keep your outdoor steps free of any debris or hazard that can cause slipping. Provide a space for your kids to easily stow away any mobile toys, including their skateboards and bikes.


Choking is the fourth-leading causes of accidental deaths in the country. It can be caused by anything, from a dinner going down the wrong way to accidentally swallowing small items. Ensure your family’s safety by keeping small, hard foods like nuts or candy out of your children’s reach. Also, if you have children under four years old, cut up hard foods into smaller, bite-sized pieces, as these can easily block airways. The same rule applies to softer foods, such as grapes or hot dogs.


Damage caused by fires can range from mild smoke inhalation to total home devastation. Forgotten candles or an unattended iron can all lead to a fire. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to prevent fires from getting out of hand. Simply installing a fire alarm system can go a long way in protecting your home from the risks of fire. Be sure to check and change their batteries annually so they’re always reliable. Also, never leave lighted candles near any loose cloth such as blankets or drapes, and make sure all your electrical appliances are in good working order to avoid any electrical fires. Lastly, get a fire extinguisher to immediately put out small fires and prevent extensive damage.

Handyman Connection of Chattanooga can help secure your home and improve its safety with our range of home improvement services. Contact us today at (423) 709-8005 to learn more. You can also request a free estimate.

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