How to Fix a Sticking or Sagging Door

Doors tend to stick or sag in their frames as they age. While the standard solution of planing the rubbing edge often works, it’s a major hassle to do since you have to actually remove the door. Thankfully, there is an easier way to address this problem.

In this post, Handyman Connection of Chattanooga discusses a quick and easy fix to a sticky door: adjusting the door hinge.

The First Steps

Technically, you can’t adjust the door hinge since it’s not really designed to be altered. Driving a long screw through the jamb and into the wall framing, however, allows you to draw the hinge and jamb toward the framing. This slightly repositions the door and solves your sagging and sticking problem.

To start, close the door and determine where it rubs against the jamb. If it’s near the top of the side jamb, you’ll be working on the upper hinge. If the door rubs at the lower side of the jamb, you’ll be drawing the bottom hinge. In the rare case where the door rubs along the side jamb, you’ll have to draw in all the hinges.

Removing the Screw

Once you’ve determined which hinge to work on, start by removing a screw near the middle of the hinge. Next, drive in the three-inch screw with a drill. If you feel the screw is snug against the hinge, give it another quarter turn to “fit” it.

Check if this fixes the sticking problem by closing and opening it. If it still sticks or sags, turn the screw another quarter. Gaps in the trim joints are rare, but if you start making them as you tighten the screw, stop. At this point, the door itself won’t stick anymore.

This is just one way you can fix a sticking door without planing it. If you’re not confident about fixing your door, however, call us today at (423) 709-8005 or fill out our form. We’ll be happy to help you.

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