How to Gauge Gutters Before You Buy

Keeping water off your home is of major importance. Therefore, you rely on a good gutter system to keep your home safe and dry all year. With all the various gauges of gutters, however, how do you know which one is best for your home? Let the expert home repair experts with Handyman Connection of Carmel simplify the process for you with a little advice.

Understanding gutter gauges

First of all, when you hear the term gauge in connection with gutters, it is referring to the thickness of galvanized steel or seamless aluminum gutters. The thicker the gauge of the gutter, the stronger it will be. These gutters come in multiple thicknesses ranging from .032 inches to .019 inches. Other types of gutters such as copper gutters are generally rated by weight, while steel gutters can be rated in either gauge or inch-thickness.

Which gauge you should choose

So, if you are going with galvanized steel or aluminum gutters, which gauge is right for your home? The answer to that question depends on where you live. Since homeowners here in Georgia don’t usually experience severe winters with damaging ice storms and large snowfalls, it is not necessary to get the thickest gauge gutter unless this is what a homeowner prefers. Let’s discuss some of the weights of aluminum gutters and their characteristics.

As was already mentioned, the heaviest gauge aluminum gutter is .032 inch, also known as the heavy weight gauge. Because of its thickness, it is a professional grade gutter that withstands severe weather and resists damage from things like ladders and falling tree branches. However, if you choose this gauge, expect to pay more than the other grades. It also takes more work to install, adding to your final costs.

The .027 weight aluminum gutter is considered medium weight. It meets professional standards for seamless gutters and is also referred to as the standard builder-grade gutter. This gutter holds up very well and resists bowing in heavy rainfalls. While most contractors opt for this gauge gutter, it can easily dent from ladders and other heavy objects.

Aluminum gutters made below .027 inches fall under the lightweight category. These gutters are generally susceptible to warping from consistent sun exposure and could collapse from the weight of a heavy snowfall. Similarly, they tend to bow and wrinkle between the anchors over time or even from a heavy rainfall.

A word of advice

While getting the best gutters seems like a good idea, it’s equally important to keep your gutters free from debris. If you allow leaves, twigs, moss and slime to accumulate in your gutters, water will run down into your basement instead. In fact, did you know that a blocked gutter system is the major cause behind leaking basements and cracked foundations? In addition, gutter debris retains moisture, which can further damage your roof. Likewise, if you have steel gutters, it’s essential to keep them clean, since steel tends to rust. Let our handyman service happily handle this job for you.

Owning a home presents many challenges that can be overwhelming for today’s busy homeowner. If you’re looking for an affordable and experienced handyman company to turn to for your home maintenance tasks and updates, get in touch with us! Because Handyman Connection of Carmel offers quality service that’s done right the first time, many homeowners depend on us to take care of their home renovations and repairs. Call us today for a free, no-obligation project estimate.

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