What good is a sign you can’t read? Handyman Connection can assist if the signs at your company require repair or maintenance; signs do welcome your clients after all. Don’t let just anyone hang signs at your business. Do not find yourself with a worker’s comp claim by having an employee tackle it alone. Avoid office disasters by using the professionals at Handyman Connection of Calgary to install your signs. We’re pleased to provide assistance to businesses all over the Calgary area with whatever sign requirements your company has.

We also offer the following convenient installation services in Calgary, AB:

  • Installation for Banners — Banners of all types are straightforward to hang with the assistance of the Handyman Connection crew.
  • Bulb Repair — If you count on LED signs to attract clients, fixing light bulbs when they burn out is important.
  • Sign Repair — Refurbish older signs or fix damaged areas with our repair services.
  • Sign Maintenance — Customers aren’t likely to notice your business if signs and displays are dingy or poorly maintained. Routine maintenance can improve the appearance of signs and displays, which creates an appealing look for your clients.

Why Hire Handyman Connection?

We think it’s important to be fair, affordable and clear in our quotes because the value we offer is vital to businesses. We offer a complimentary estimate for each company requiring sign installation services in Calgary, AB and offer comprehensive support during the whole installation procedure. All work completed by Handyman Connection is thorough and of the best quality. Clients can expect a clean worksite when you hire Handyman Connection, you can also expect very little intrusion into your business environment. You can expect to be well-informed during each step of your banner installation and we coordinate with all suppliers so you don’t have to. Your complimentary sign or banner installation estimate is waiting for you, so call us now.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.