Decorating for 2019 – Avoid these Mistakes

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New Year – New You! If you feel a change is needed this 2019, why not try redecorating your home décor. If you aren’t looking for an extensive home remodelling project and want something a bit more cost effective, adding a new paint color or buying some decorative pieces is the perfect way to spice up your living space. Before you put your plan into action, Handyman Connection of Calgary wants to ensure you avoid these common home decorating mistakes to guarantee you are happy with the finished product.

Pattern Overload – The easiest way to bring interest into a living space is by adding throw pillows, rugs, curtains or even a trendy wallpaper. Before you purchase a bunch of different patterns and prints, think of the rule to use only 3 or less patterns at a time. Pick an area rug with a fun print to anchor the room and then add your other pattern along with solid prints for the rest of the design.

Over Utilizing your Space – Having a large space in your home and wanting to fill it with all of your favorite furniture can be tricky. When you cram too much into a room, it will just make it feel smaller. Instead of jam packing it, try to keep your space trendy with only a few of your favorite items. Already have too much stuff? Try repurposing some items to a different area or selling them for extra cash during this tight money month!

Too many Knick Knacks – When decorating a space, a little goes a long way. Too many décor accents or accessories on your dresser or shelves will make your space seemed cluttered and not stylish. Try to limit yourself with only a few favorite pieces and pick different sizes and heights to display a balanced look. Just think of the money you will save – and less dusting hassle!

Let the Pros Help

Handyman Connection of Calgary is here to assist you at any point along your redecorating journey. Whether you need painting services or bathroom remodelling, our qualified craftsman can complete it all. Call us today for your free evaluation quote.

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