Tips for a Safe Fireplace Season

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Having a fireplace in your home is a fortunate piece for winter to cozy up in front of the fire and enjoy its soothing warmth. However, fires can be deadly and if your fireplace isn’t properly maintained and the correct steps aren’t taken to monitor the flames, accidents can happen. Handyman Connection of Calgary would like to share these tips to keep your home and family safe this fireplace season.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector – If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace in your home, a carbon monoxide detector is essential to protecting your home and family. The “silent killer” is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that causes poisoning when a fireplace flue is left closed while a burning fire is going or when it accidentally closes over a smoldering fire. If you do not have one installed, call Handyman Connection of Calgary to have one put in.

Never Turn your Back on a Fire – While most fireplaces have safety features in place, accidents can happen when a fire is burning without supervision. Try to avoid starting a fire if you know you will not be around the full length of the burn. As well, never use water to extinguish a fire as not only can it damage the interior of your fireplace but cause hot embers to scatter and potentially start a fire.

Regularly Clean out the Fireplace – Smoldering embers can remain and catch fire when they are allowed to accumulate. This is when ashes are left behind and built up when you burn fires frequently. Make you sure thoroughly clean out the fireplace to prevent this from happening.

Clean and Inspect Chimney Yearly – Before lighting the first fire, it is important to have a qualified professional clean your chimney in order to clear a byproduct called creosote. This is released and deposited on the lining of your chimney and is extremely flammable as it builds up. Also make sure the contractor performs a thorough inspection of the fireplace to identify any potential hazards.

The Pros Can Help

To ensure your home is ready for fireplace season and the other home repairs that come before the winter weather hits, call Handyman Connection of Calgary today. We want to ensure that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a crackling fireplace this season.

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