Freshen up your Bathroom with these 5 Low-Cost Updates

One of the most popular remodeling projects is a bathroom as they provide a solid return on investment. While most can be pretty expensive, Handyman Connection of Calgary can provide you affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget.

  • Dramatic Light Fixture – To add pizazz to your bathroom, add a fancy light fixture. Most people do not do this so it will make your bathroom stand out.
  • Replace Bathroom Fixtures – Sometimes the simple things like adding toilet paper holders and towel ring bars can update your bathroom. When coordinated with the color scheme of cabinets, your bathroom can have a theme without even trying!
  • Replace your Countertop – If your vanity is solid but the countertop is outdated, replace only that with a high quality laminate or remnant stone slabs for an affordable replacement.
  • New Shower Curtain or Doors – A dirty shower door can make your whole bathroom vibe look grungy. For less than $200, replace with a new feature glass door and bring a new vibe to your bathroom! If doors are not required, buying a new shower curtain and matching rugs can also do the trick.
  • Update the Vanity – Applying a new coat of stain or paint to your vanity can create a new look without having to replace. If sanding, sand the first coat for a smooth surface before applying the second coat and if painting, apply a primer first.

Expert Remodeling Services by Handyman Connection of Calgary

If you believe that it is time for a larger upgrade then your normal small repairs, call Handyman Connection of Calgary today at 403-735-3257 for your free evaluation quote!

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