Tools For Every New Homeowner

Being a new homeowner can be different when you have repairs to be done around the house. Since you can’t call your landlord anymore, who do you call? Handyman Connection of Calgary can take care of all your home repair needs but before calling the professionals, having these tools in your home may be able to save you some money first.

  • Screwdrivers – From tightening cabinet handles to replacing batteries in your child’s toys, a Phillips screwdriver is the most common for various projects. When it comes to light switch plates and outlet covers, a flathead screwdriver is another popular tool to own.
  • Tape Measure – In order to make sure the couch you have your eye on will fit, use a tape measure in your living room before the big purchase. Hanging pictures and sizing drapes are other good project examples to ensure your money is spent wisely.
  • Hammer – Whether you are pounding a nail in, pulling one out or prying something up, a hammer is important to have at your disposal. The most enjoying thing of homeownership is being able to decorate your walls which you can’t do without a hammer.
  • Pliers – A sturdy pair of pliers with serrated jaws are a small but handy tool that is helpful with holding, twisting or grasping any of your project pieces.
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits – Drills are important for building projects due to the amount of time and energy saved. They can also make hanging curtain rods or mounting TV’s go a lot quicker. Make sure you have a decent selection of bits including Phillips, flathead and square tips.

Need A Pro? Call Handyman Connection of Calgary

If you feel you are not quite up to completing the repairs yourself, do not worry! Most homeowners learn as they go and would like to call the professionals first. Call Handyman Connection of Calgary at 403-735-3257 for your free evaluation quote.

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