Reduce your Utility Bill this summer with these Savvy ideas:

While blasting your air conditioning may seem like it’s the best way to cool down on the hot summer days, this can easily increase your monthly utility bills which isn’t ideal. Some easy day-day saves include closing your doors with vents in the rooms that are not being used, unplugging devices that are not being used and turning off any unneeded light. While these can help save, Handyman Connection can help you to save even more!

Install Ceiling Fans – Not only can a beautiful ceiling fan increase the aesthetics of your room, it can help circulate the cold air and lower the temperature several degrees.

Adding Insulation – Filling any gaps with insulation can help stop leakage of cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

Inspect your AC Unit – Ensure your unit is operating efficiently and if needed, our Handymen can clean the air filters.

Still interested in saving more money? Call Handyman Connection today to book an appointment to find out how! With over 20 years of experience, call a company you can trust!

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