The Advantages of a Programmable Thermostat

You can take control of your energy use and expenses through your thermostat. Simple adjustments can make a difference, such as turn down the heat at night and when you are not at home.  Just one degree Celsius less overnight can mean two percent less off your heating bill.

A programmable thermostat will adjust your home temperature automatically. It has a mechanical or electronic timer that will let you preset temperatures for different time periods (such as wake, day, evening, sleep) and different programmed time periods (for example, weekdays and weekends). Some models offer more features than others. A good guide in programming the thermostat is 17°C when you are sleeping or not at home, and 20°C when you are awake and at home. When you use the thermostat effectively, your programmable thermostats can deliver a significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Most programmable thermostats also come with user friendly digital displays that can make it easy for you to preset to different temperatures for different times of the day and many of the  models will  let you differentiate between weekday and weekend programs.  There are also devises that are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to change the settings from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Others come with  alerts that tell you when it’s time to change your air filter, but most  all of the models on the market today will let you manually override the settings to whenever you like without losing your preset programming.

In all four seasons, you can program your thermostat to reach your ideal temperature by the time you return home or start or end your day, so don’t  ever have to sacrifice your personal comfort to save money. You can still wake to a warm and cozy home on those cold winter mornings or feel the cool air when you walk through the door at the end of a hot summer day. A programmable thermostat lets you enjoy the full benefits of your HVAC systems, all while significantly lowering your energy bills. Call the home service experts at Handyman Connection of Calgary  today and let’s discuss installing a programmable thermostat in your home!

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