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The impression your company gives a person walking through the door can be affected by a bad looking ceiling. It is critical to ensure the building’s ceiling appears pristine and steady. Ceiling tiles are the perfect way to complement your company’s space, whether it is a warehouse or high-end store. Avoid a total renovation by fixing your building’s appearances with an easy ceiling tile installation. Tiles do an excellent job of hiding discoloration and are significantly lower cost than a completely new ceiling. If your ceiling tile update is for looks or practicality, the experts at Handyman Connection of Brantford can take care of it.

Procedure for Ceiling Tile Installation

Installation procedures and tile vary, but the Handyman Connection staff can help you choose the perfect one for your company. For instance, sound-absorbent areas are ideal for music with acoustic ceiling tiles. Installation methods can change the appearance and practical function of a room too. Handyman Connection can install ceiling tiles using these methods:

  • Direct Apply — Surface mounted ceiling tiles are applied directly and work efficiently for maximizing the space in your building. Direct apply ceilings are an efficient means to mask marks or surfaces you don’t like. These kinds of tiles are applied right onto the joist or onto a surface like a popcorn ceiling.
  • Suspended Ceilings — It’s easy to fix a room’s vent system when you use drop ceilings. Suspended ceilings leave an open space that allows for an accessible means for working on the pipe systems underneath them. Suspended ceilings also only need about 3 inches of added space, so they do not take too much of your building’s extra headspace.

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We know it is important to be reasonable, competitive and detailed with our quotes because the bottom line is critical to businesses. When you hire Handyman Connection of Brantford, ON you can expect quality work and a cost-free written estimate where you can choose the budget and start date. Job sites are always tidy and each ceiling tile installation will be completed by a vetted craftsman. We know that your business needs to be presentable to customers, so we’re sure to make sure every work site is as clean as we discovered it. We deal with all product suppliers and outside contractors that carry the products you need. Your cost-free ceiling tile installation quote is ready, call us today.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.