Hello, our names are Michael & Tiffany Cook.

Owner and General Managers

Michael shares a common passion for making sure a job is done right, and taking care of customers. He is a former military veteran, and has a background in home repair & remodel, construction, and small business. He enjoys golfing and spending as much time with his wife and young children as possible.


A Little Bit About Us

Our handymen have the knowledge and home repair skills that come only through years of experience. We use independent craftsmen because that lets us offer you a wider variety of true craftsmen with real experience (minimum ten years in their trade) instead of someone who is learning at your expense. We are accountable for your satisfaction, and we manage and own your job from start to finish. Each individual must pass both a thorough background check and a personal, in-person interview with us before they can even start the process of becoming one of our craftsmen.


Our Members

Lynn K.

Lynn has been a craftsman for over 20 years. He has always enjoyed working with his hands, honing his craft over the years. He is an excellent carpenter, especially enjoying finish carpentry work. His drywall skills stands out among our craftsmen. Lynn’s strong work ethic is demonstrated in the pride of his craftsmanship.


Sam A.

Sam has been with Handyman Connection since January 2007; he is a great overall handyman and takes great pride in a job well done. Sam is methodical and pays great attention to detail. During his free time he loves to play golf. He is our Craftsman of the Year for 2009, reflecting his commitment to customer service.

Dennis M.

Dennis has been an electrician for 28 yrs & he loves everything about electricity & enjoys being an electrician very much. What he wants people to know about him is that he is honest & fair.

Rob F.
Jack of All Trades

Rob enjoys electrical basics such as: switches & outlets, indoor & outdoor, adding circuits, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans ,etc. He also enjoys plumbing basics: water supply’s, toilets, sinks, water tanks etc. Painting: indoor & outdoor, Decking projects and many smaller home projects. In his personal life he enjoys quality time with his wife and golf with his friends.

John G.
Cabinetry and Furniture Expert

John enjoys fixing and restoring things others won’t bother with, including updating home decor. He also enjoys restoring old trucks, getting lost with his Bulldog & Retriever and playing the bass fiddle

Devin S.
Project Master

Devin really enjoy projects that require thinking outside the box to reach a best case solution.  He likes to treat each job as if it were for his own family. Favorite’s include some assembly required. Outside of work, he enjoys a good card game, travel, working on and enjoying his classic/muscle cars, & time with his children and 7 granddaughters.

Reid M.
Master Craftsman

Reid is the newest master craftsman to join our team!


The Journey Forward


Our Promise To You

For any of your general home maintenance needs, you can count on us to deliver quality workmanship and superior customer service.

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