Hello, my name is Joe Cox.

Owner & General Manager

Our operators bring years of experience to Handyman Connection. Many have extensive backgrounds in construction, home repair, remodeling and other handyman services. Our goal is for Handyman Connection to provide customers with excellent workmanship and superior customer service.


A Little Bit About Us

When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and done right. Some of our craftsmen have over twenty-five years of experience and have all gone through a thorough background check. Handyman Connection of Ann Arbor's team of professionals is passionate about taking your home improvement dreams and making them a reality.


Our Members

Max M.

Many of our customers ask for Max by name because they know firsthand his ability to take care of any project with skill and efficiency. Max won’t tell you this because he’s such a humble guy, but he was honored as the National Handyman Connection Craftsman of the Year in 2016. We’re lucky to have him!

Tom B.

Tom brings more than 35 years of experience to the job, and specializes in all things electrical and plumbing. Tom has earned the reputation as the friendly handyman who goes above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy with the work.

Patrick F.

Patrick specializes in carpentry, and he’s one of our go-to guys for all types of fence work.  Pat can find a creative solution for any problem because he knows how to think outside the box. Pat’s favorite phrase: “Good enough is not good enough.”

Frank I.

Frank is an all-around handyman and we keep him very busy all over southeast Michigan taking care of everything from large remodels to small repairs. His down to earth style and quiet confidence make him a handyman favorite. In the evenings Frank runs a family-owned full menu pizza shop and he knows how to make every dish. Yum!

Marshall M.

When Marshall comes by to take care of your list of handyman projects, we know you’ll agree with our many clients who describe him as “polite, friendly, professional and efficient.” Marshall will take care of you in no time, and he’ll make sure things are done right.

Manny M.

Manny specializes in drywall repair, and he’s also our designated team player when a job takes more than one craftsman to complete.  We keep him busy and booked helping our other craftsmen with two man jobs.  During his off hours he continues to practice his craft by keeping his own rental properties repaired and in good shape.

Mark S.

Mark is truly a master painter and does amazing work on any size project, from touching up a front door to painting the whole house, inside and out. He’s also an expert at drywall repair, and he’ll tell you that with any job the secret is to prep thoroughly before you pick up a paint brush.

Scott S.

From the moment he shakes your hand, Scott will impress you with his organized and professional approach – he’ll get the job done right!  He’ll take the time to explain exactly what he’s doing, and make sure you’re completely happy with the work when the job is finished.

Rick B.

Rick is a seasoned and skillful craftsman. He’ll impress you with his carpentry skills and his ability to work through your project with the calm and experienced approach of a guy who has worked for years to master his craft.


Daniel V.

Daniel is a customer favorite because he’s always ready and willing to problem solve any situation. His low key approach and friendly smile will win you over, and his impressive skill with electrical and plumbing work will have you requesting him whenever you have need for installation or repairs!

Sam I.

When we first met Sam we asked him to fill out the required skill list survey, and we discovered he’d checked every single box. Our initial thought was that he might be just a bit overly optimistic. But as we put him to work we quickly realized that Sam was, in fact, capable of handling absolutely anything we assigned him to. This guy can do it all! Our customers love him, and we feel very fortunate to have him on our team.

Justin G

Caleb H.

Troy R.

Dave S.

Gary H.
Sales & Production Manager


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Our Promise To You

For any of your general home maintenance needs, you can count on us to deliver quality workmanship and superior customer service.

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