Security Improvements to Make Your Home Safer

When it comes to your peace of mind, no home improvement projects offer a greater return on your investment than those that improve your safety and security. In the United States, a home is burglarized every 15 seconds, according to crime reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Taking a proactive approach to home security is the best way to ensure that would-be intruders bypass your Ann Arbor home. Here are five home improvement ideas from the professionals at Handyman Connection of Ann Arbor that can make your home a safer place to inhabit.

Light Up the Night
Dimly lit properties provide the cover of darkness that criminals prefer when selecting a home to burglarize. Installing outdoor lighting that automatically switches on at sunset helps keep intruders at bay. Motion-activated flood lights offer another savvy solution. If wiring is a concern, a skilled electrician from Handyman Connection of Ann Arbor can ensure that your lighting improvements are safe and up to code.

Landscape Strategically
From too-high fences to overgrown bushes, the landscaping around your property can be an invitation to burglaries as well. To deter them, make sure that windows and doors are visible from the street. Security experts recommend replacing plants around windows with gravel paths, which are hard to walk on without making a loud crunching noise. Trimming back tree branches that offer access to second-story windows is a smart idea too.

Replace Outdated Doors
If you have hollow-core exterior doors, it makes sense to replace them with sturdier alternatives. Tough, durable and hard to destroy, steel doors are a good option. They’re available with moisture-resistant vinyl coatings or wood-based substrates that make them easy to paint or stain. There are also solid-wood doors on the market that are built to withstand break-ins by would-be burglars. Door replacements are cost-effective solutions too. You can expect to recoup nearly all of the cost of an installation when you sell your home.

Install New Locks
Even the toughest door won’t stand up to intruders if the lock gives way. Reinforcing doorjambs with metal strike plates offers additional security. Deadbolt locks are considered the safest option, providing that they’re installed with long screws that reach behind the door jamb into the framing. High-tech solutions like key-less locks and alarm-equipped models are great options too. Some will even sound an alert if anyone applies pressure against the door.

Window Safety
Whether you’re at home or away, an open, unlocked window is an attractive point of entry for criminals. From track locks and stops for sliding windows to lock nails, locking pins and wedge lock nails for double-hung models, there are locks available for every type of window. When choosing locks, keep in mind that your family may need to exit through windows in an emergency. Place keys near the locks but out of view from outside.

From wiring your home for security cameras to installing windows glazed with wire-embedded glass, Handyman Connection of Ann Arbor offers a wide array of services designed to improve your safety and security at home. Contact us today to explore your options. Whether you’re away from home during the day or snug in bed at night, you’ll feel better knowing your property is protected and that your family is safe.

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