Simple Painting Tips to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Updating your home’s facade with new colors is one of the best home improvement projects you can invest in. With exterior painting, you emphasize your home’s architecture, complement it with your surroundings and establish a style you can be proud of.

This project is a big undertaking, so note these simple painting tips to help you achieve the desired outcome for your home.

Utilize Color Combinations

It is always a great idea to use color combinations when painting the home exterior. You can draw inspiration from your surroundings, particularly the landscape of your area. Use certain colors that will match the foliage that may be abundant in your outdoors during summer or the red, brown, orange and golden shades associated with autumn.

A word of caution, though: adding a bit too much when it comes to color combos may make the home look boring. Avoid this by choosing a color for a certain feature (e.g. entry door) that will provide contrast to the main siding color but would match with another feature in the facade.

Textures Can Make a Difference

One aspect of exterior painting is taking advantage of finishes that add texture to the newly applied colors. This will help your home not just become visually interesting, but also create a stunning contrast despite similar base colors.

Matte finishes can be applied to the walls, while the glossy types can make any decorative elements of your home stand out. On a bright, sunny day, your new colors’ sheen will help draw the attention of anyone toward your home.

For your painting needs, count on Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta to deliver. Our professionals have specialized skills to get the job right, from careful prep work through the final coat and cleanup. We will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

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