3 Clever Ways to Make Your Garage a Functioning Storage Space

Many homeowners face the problem of garage clutter. With so much stuff left unorganized, this part of the home can be stressful to deal with. If your garage is in such a state, take note of these clever ways you can turn it into a functioning storage space.

Shelving Ideas

There are various shelving ideas you can take advantage of for your garage. Wire closet shelves are simple, sturdy and inexpensive, and come in various lengths that you can cut to shorter sections. That way, you get more shelving for your money. Unlike solid shelving, they require little maintenance.

Alternatively, wire baskets can be installed to store items that won’t stay long on shelves or those that tend to spill or tip. They are convenient because you can lift them off the hooks and carry your tools to your work area.

Cabinet for Your Car Care Products

A simple shelf or work table cabinet can be a DIY project you can do to organize cans of fluids, auto lubricants and other items for taking care of your car. Special hinges can provide you with a unique fold-up door to go with this cabinet.

Track Storage Above Your Head

Instead of stacking big plastic storage bins on top of the other, you can store them on the ceiling. A pair of 2x2s screwed to the ceiling frame and spaced every 2 feet will allow the lips of each bin to slide in place. Utilizing your ceiling as storage is perfect for stashing items of light and medium weight such as essentials for your beach and camping trips.

For more storage solutions for your garage, turn to the home improvement experts of Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta. We are your trusted source for custom carpentry or prefabricated shelving in your home. Call us at (770) 727-8045 for more information. You may also fill out our form to request an estimate.

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