4 Great Ways to Enhance a Room Using Crown Molding

Adding crown molding isn’t always necessary, but adding trim to a room goes a long way towards making a home feel charming and traditional. There are many kinds of trim, including Craftsman, Federal, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, Traditional Revival, Georgian and Early American. Today, Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta discusses four ways to use crown molding in a room:

  1. Adding Cohesion – You can use crown molding trim to add cohesion to a room full of disparate elements. For instance, consider using Greek Revival trim on top of kitchen cabinets, together with a room with heart pine floors and ceramic tile backsplash. The design of the crown molding holds everything in the room together even when their textures are different.

  1. Focusing Attention  – Simple Craftsman style trim with flat-front molding and minimal flourishes is understated and will allow other parts of the room to command attention. Unlike trim styles that focus on ornate details, Craftsman style trim is appealing because of the skill and craftsmanship involved its simple construction.

  1. Adding Volume to a Low Ceiling – Federal style crown molding with simple and elegant beading can help a low-ceilinged room appear more voluminous. For best results, try this molding style in a compact room with neutral colors like light gray, cream, dark brown and white.

  1. Complementing Other Elements in the Room – Crown molding with flat fronts can provide you with room for custom-look flourishes. For instance, you can try adding a floral design to a Traditional Revival style crown molding to complement floral tile elsewhere in a room. Crown molding can provide the subtle details that can bring a room together.

These are just a few of the countless design possibilities you can try with crown molding. After adding crown molding to a room, why not add a fresh new coat of paint, as well? Handyman Connection of Alpharetta can help you with all of your painting, electrical work, carpentry, plumbing and other home maintenance needs. Contact us here to learn more about crown molding or to request a free estimate. You may also call us at (770) 727-8045.

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