Tips to Help You Choose the Best Backsplash for Your Remodel

The right backsplash design can complete your bathroom or kitchen. When choosing your backsplash design for your remodeling project, you need to keep a few things in mind. You need to determine your personal style, consider the rest of the room, and follow some basic principles of design. Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta explains more:

  • Determine Your Sense of Style – The rooms in your home need to express your own unique personality, so when choosing your backsplash, you need to keep your personal style in mind. Your preferred style can be traditional, contemporary, transitional or a combination of several designs. Discover your personal aesthetic by researching and browsing, and then collect kitchen and bath pictures that you really like. Use these pictures as your guide when looking for something that looks good to you.
  • Consider the Rest of the Room – The floor, backsplash and countertop of your kitchen need to all work together to achieve an even and balanced appearance. Visual harmony is very appealing and can make a room more memorable. Don’t treat the backsplash as a separate element, but think of how the backsplash can work together with the rest of the room to achieve a specific effect. This same advice also applies to your bathroom and the bathroom’s furnishings.
  • Add Interest – There are many ways you can make a backsplash more interesting and visually appealing. Consider using glass. Glass always makes a statement, whether it’s in the form of glass mosaics, an intricate waterjet design or in the form of simple tile. You can also mix things up and use different materials in one backsplash. Try using stone mosaics with glass, or experimenting with shades of cement tiles. Water jet patterns are also a beautiful choice.

We can help you choose the best backsplash design for your bathroom or kitchen-remodeling project. Handyman Connection of Alpharetta can help you with your home remodeling, home maintenance, carpentry, electrical work, flooring, decking and more. Our handymen are all experienced, professional, courteous and friendly. We also back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us here to learn more about choosing the right kitchen backsplash. You can also request a free estimate.

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