Appealing Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

If you want your yard to be a haven, then it should be beautiful as well as private. You can achieve this by using privacy plants or a privacy fence. Today, Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta will discuss some modern privacy fence design ideas you can use for your outdoor space:

  • Fence With an Irregular Pattern – A fence with an irregular pattern looks creative and unusual, making it an excellent focal point for your yard. This design grabs attention, and its simple and geometric lines can complement a modern home. Consider using a fence with horizontal boards with spaces placed irregularly. Then, within those gaps, allow plants to grow through. This dash of the unexpected can make your garden look more appealing.
  • Fence With Closely-Spaced Planks – This sort of design is better for very private areas of your yard, such as a spa or hot tub. However, a fence that blocks the view doesn’t have to look plain or boring. Consider using high quality wood for this kind of fence design. The natural imperfections and marks on the wood will add interest to an otherwise solid-looking or monotone wall.
  • Fence With Planks of Varying Widths – This is another way to add visual interest if you’re using a single material for your fence. Sections of thin planks won’t compromise your privacy in a noticeable way but they will add plenty of variety to your fence’s appearance. Consider using this kind of fence in the outdoor dining section of your yard. If you are using wood, consider using a different kind of wood, or a shade of wood other than the one you’re using for your furniture or deck. This makes your outdoor space look more interesting and appealing.

Handyman Connection of Alpharetta can install beautiful and durable fences for your home. Our experienced and dedicated fence handyman will walk you through every step of the process and make your fence installation project simple and convenient. In addition to installing and repairing fences, we can also help with carpentry, painting, electrical work and home remodeling. Contact us here to learn more about adding a privacy fence to your yard. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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