Replacing a Broken Tile in 3 Easy Steps

Tiles are an excellent flooring option for the bathroom, but everyday wear and tear can cause them to crack. Fortunately, you won’t have to re-tile the entire floor to address the damage. Simply replace the broken tile and it’s as if nothing happened. Handyman Connection of Alpharetta recommends wearing protective gear like goggles and gloves to keep you safe during the replacement process.

Replacing a Broken Tile in 3 Easy Steps

Remove the Old Tile

Start by carefully raking the grout around the tile with a scoring tool. Make sure you apply enough pressure to remove the grout but not too much to gouge the neighboring tiles. When done, apply painter’s tape on the edges of the tile to protect the area around it. Using a ceramic bit, drill evenly spaced holes in the broken tile to free them from the substrate. This will make it easier to chisel them out later.

Gently tap the broken pieces with a hammer and chisel, working from the center toward the edges. Work at a 90-degree angle to the floor and switch to 45 degrees when you’ve penetrated the glaze. Once all the broken pieces are removed, use a wider chisel to clean off the substrate.

Set the New Tile

Apply a small amount of thinset over the cleaned substrate in straight furrows with a notched trowel. For better adhesion, you can also add some thinset on the back of your new tiles. Set the tile in place, pressing down firmly to ensure it’s level with the rest of the tiles, and adjust when necessary.

Apply Grout

Let the thinset cure for at least two hours then mix up some grout. Swipe the mixture into the joints between your new tile using a rubber grout float and allow to harden for 15 minutes. When the grout no longer feels tacky, wipe off any excess with a damp sponge and let dry overnight.

  • This project is easy enough for the untrained homeowner, and it’s possible to do it over the weekend. If you prefer faster and more professional results, however, we recommend turning to Handyman Connection of Alpharetta. Contact us at (770) 727-8045 to request a free estimate today.
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