How to Brighten Up a Dark Interior

A bright interior offers a warm and welcoming home environment, so it’s good to aim for well-lit rooms at home. Many homeowners struggle with dark rooms, however, and end up with a gloomy interior. Handyman Connection® of Alpharetta, the trusted general contractor, shares expert tips to help brighten up your home:

Brighten Up a Dark Interior

Determine the Dark Areas

If you’ve been living in your home for quite some time now, you’re likely used to its dark areas already. For a visiting guest, however, these spaces can seem too dark. Before you can start brightening your interior, you need to know more about the factors that cause the darkness first. Do you need to improve the lighting in the room or will lighter walls and less furniture do the trick?

Mix Neutrals Into Your Decor

If the problem is in the color scheme of the room, simply add rich-bodied neutrals like camel tan, warm rust, and mushroom gray accents. The brown and tan color families are versatile choices that complement dark and heavy furniture well. For a striking contrast, you can add dashes of stark white in the form of throw pillows, artworks and other decorative items.

Install Recessed Lighting

Wood-paneled or dark-painted ceilings are a common feature in residential homes. They help create a mysterious and dramatic mood in the room. They can also make the room feel like a cave, though. Instead of installing harsh overhead lights that ruin the ambience, invest in recessed lighting fixtures that can brighten the space without being too obtrusive. You can also add a dimmer switch for versatile light control.

Painting and light installation may seem like simple tasks, but it’s easy to commit costly mistakes. Turn to Handyman Connection of Alpharetta for flawless, professional results. Contact us at (770) 727-8045 to learn more about our different services. You can also get a free estimate.

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